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What would I do with $6000 from HP?

If you haven’t heard yet, HP has a program going on this month that allows 50 different bloggers to each give away $6000 worth of computers and software. Way cool, right? Each blogger has different rules and most of them have asked winners to give away a majority of the prize to others. And several of them have asked entrants to put the entry on their own blog. So, here’s mine for the site http:!

One of the laptops I would keep for myself to replace my current one which has a super-cracked screen that is getting worse every day. That will be a big help financially and also for my business.

The other computers I am super excited to give away! As I pondered who they would go to, it came to me that it would make sense to give them to aspiring Virtual Assistants – especially those who are financially struggling and can’t afford to buy the computer that is so integral to this type of work. To choose these people, I will reach out to the VA organizations I volunteer for and ask for nominations. I will give the computers to aspiring VAs (small business owners) who volunteer for these professional organizations selflessly and give of themselves without expectation of reward or thanks. I have met so many Virtual Assistants who have awesome potential and are doing everything right to grow their business – they just don’t have adequate tools to get them to the ultimate level they are capable of. Making a small difference in several people’s lives would be such a great Christmas present to myself. When you give, you get in so many intangible ways! Many thanks to HP and all the bloggers for being so generous!


  1. i am feathermaye /

    Good luck to you in replacing your cracked laptop and spreading the VA love! I think your generosity is only matched by your spirit. :)

  2. Dee Dee /

    What a great way to help folks who are struggling to get established in their careers.

  3. Roguepuppet /

    have you seen that one of the other entrants to this contest,, is a beginning/struggling VA? Win or lose, the two of you should connect. I did not see a twitter ID for you on your blog, so I am going to post your link to her blog as well. I wish you both much luck.

  4. As one who works on my computer from home, I know just how important a good computer is to that!

    Good luck!

  5. peterifranco /

    oh man that is one bad crack, good luck with replacing your computer

  6. Laurie/Mobile Mommy /

    Ouch on your poor computer – you certainly do need a new one. And I’m so impressed to see your desire to help new/struggling VA’s get ahead with their businesses – I love the VA community spirit (I’m a VA too!) Glad to have found you through the Living in Theory contest!

  7. Jyl @ MommyGossip /

    I am enjoying reading all of these posts. Everyone’s entries are so touching and so diverse. I love your thoughtfulness in considering a group of people that need computers for their livelihood. It is also touching to hear about your current volunteer efforts, which shows what a giving person you are.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Good luck in the contest. And, happy holidays!

  8. Maureen /

    Oh, no! I hope you get a replacement for that computer soon. It must be so hard to work on it!

    I love your idea of helping someone who’s starting out like that. What a great way to make a big difference for someone!

  9. z. Smith /

    Okay your laptop looks worse than mine. Best of Luck.

  10. Mom on the Run /

    Ouch on the computer screen. Computers take a beating in my house, too. Over the years we have lost one printer to two kids who were overzealos about pulling out the paper and one LCD screen to my 2-year-old.

    Good luck with the HP Giveaway!

  11. If you don’t win the contest, you could make that laptop more usable by attaching an external keyboard and monitor. Also, it may be possible to replace the screen entirely if you find another of the same laptop that’s fried but the screen is intact. What’s the brand and model of your laptop?

  12. Wow..what a great way to give back..I’m curios though.. (really I haven’t been living under a rock) but can someone tell me what a VA is/does? It sounds really interesting to me.

    Good luck!

  13. Thanks everyone for your comments and good luck to everyone in the contest!

    Ivy – my laptop is a Toshiba. They wanted $425 to replace it. Hah! I have researched online and can get a new screen for around $100 I think and might try to install it myself. It's 3 years old and won't last much longer though – there are other issues and pieces starting to break off!

    Tina – Don't worry, you're not the only one who gives me that blank look when talking about VAs! At the most basic level, a VA provides administrative services virtually to businesses. Many VAs also provide more specialized services such as graphic & web design, bookkeeping, and now social media support. Check out my links and tags on the blog for more information. Thanks!

  14. GNO Gals, Jyl and Carissa /

    Okay, that really is a laptop in need of replacing! My printer looks like that..!


  15. Jolly Joan /

    You need a replacement, but your heart for Virtual Assistants is really incredible. Thanks for sharing, inspiring, and speaking from the heart!

  16. Best of luck getting that laptop replaced!

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