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Xobni: Email organization, search, and navigation for your Outlook inbox

I love, love, love this program! Xobni is a free add-on to Outlook and makes finding past emails oh-so much easier than searching via Outlook directly. It sits quietly on the sidelines until I need it and springs into action with no wait time. It has already indexed my emails in the background (didn’t notice any slowing during this!) and I can quickly see at a glance the conversations I’ve had with someone or what I sent/received on a certain date.

If you use Outlook, this is definitely worth a look!

Xobni: Email organization, search, and navigation for your Outlook inbox

Important Outlook Update – Daylight Savings Time!

Did you know that the start & stop dates for Daylight Savings Time are changing beginning this year? I had forgotten myself!

DST begins March 11 this year and if you’re using Microsoft Outlook, you need to follow the steps below to make sure your calendar doesn’t go haywire!

1. Manually run Windows Update and install the optional update labeled KB928388.
- Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools, Windows Updates, Click the “Custom” button, wait for it to do it’s thing, click on “Software-Optional” on the left side of the screen, look for and check the box next to “Update for Windows XP (KB928388)”. Click “Install Updates”on the upper left side of the window, then click the “Install Updates” button near the center-top of the window. It may take a few minutes.

2) Then you’ll need to download and install the Outlook Time Zone Update Tool available at (if you neglect this step, you’ll find all meetings from March 11 through April 1 are off by an hour!)

Here’s a link to the Microsoft article for detailed information. It is highly recommended that you read this article.