Real Assistants in an Online World


What our clients are saying…

“You are one of the best things that happened to me this year.  Your support has been so unfailingly strong and proactive and easy. Wow.  It has changed my work life back to what I used to have when I worked for a larger company.  You’re fabulous and I experience that all the time from you. ” ~ Ulrich, Executive Leadership Coach

“I only had to tell her once and Cindy “got it”. She literally saved my business. She has allowed me to be able to concentrate on strategy while still delivering on the core client work. She saved me a ton of time and headaches.” ~ Tahnee, Call Center Consultant

“You have no idea how wonderful Cindy has been. She is already making my life much more sane…she listens, asks good questions when I’m not clear….and efficient! Just what I was looking for!” ~ Cliff, Transportation Consultant

“I appreciate all you do. If I had tried to do these things myself I would have given up long ago. Wait! I did give up; that’s when I found you and Cindy! I love working with Cindy and Lara and I thank God every day that I called you.” ~ Elaine, Business Coach

“I juggle a lot of balls doing what I do. Without Cindy & Kelly, they would not be in the air! Having a virtual assistant is invaluable, and they are the best.” ~ Christopher, BPM Programmer

“Cindy has been a tremendous asset to our programs and I highly recommend Creative Assistants. In working with Creative Assistants over the last several years, I have found them to be extremely professional, diligent, and thorough in their interactions with my team and our clients. They… have been a great asset to our team! Because of Cindy’s strong work ethic and commitment to conducting business with a high level of integrity, I without reservation highly recommend her.” ~ Demerique, Networking Consultant

“Cindy is the greatest! I trust her work completely, and she’s great to work with–very approachable, easy-going, and straightforward.” ~ Nina, Referral Firm