Real Assistants in an Online World

Resources for VAs

Want to Be a Virtual Assistant?

I’ll be honest with you: Being a VA is hard work and it can take time (up to 1-2 years even) before you’re well established and earning the income you need. It is running your own business and that means doing the hard work of finding a client base. It is however a fabulous field to be in!

If you’re just starting out or want to explore working in this industry, I highly recommend you attend the following:

My Recommended VA Resources:

Top Virtual Assistant Industry Organizations: IVAA | VA League | Colorado VAs | VANetworking (and their VAInsiders program)

Great VA Sites & Resources: 2MinutesWithAVA | Virtual Assistant Hub | Candy B’s page on becoming a VA

Books I Recommend: Entrepreneurial Freedom | Virtual Assistant, The Series | The VAs VA

VA Systems & Coaching: Step it Up VA Success Circle | Virtual Business Startup System | VAInsiders Failure is Not an Option Coaching Program

How Can I Work on the Creative Assistants Team?

I frequently receive emails from new or aspiring Virtual Assistants asking how they can join our team. There are 2 ways I find new team members: (1) They are referred or recommended to me by clients or colleagues; (2) I know them from their interaction and involvement in the Virtual Assistant organizations. I never add team members via an email out of the blue. The best way to get onto any Virtual Assistant team is to get involved with your colleagues, show your skills by volunteering for organizations, and answer questions on the forums and email lists. As you develop a relationship with other VAs in these venues, you’ll be tapped for the skills you’ve shown as we find a need for more team members.